Hi guys

nam june paik, variations on something pacific

my fiance cant marry me anymore and im glad to call him boyfriend because ive never had a boyfriend for long but i already bought a dress
also lets not forget gaiaonline nudes

boys with older sisters grow into m.b. and tommy zee - must have a daughter before a herd of sons

how do i get many jobs
i should be writing my dissertation but im making curry and reading letters from john maus to a girl
my czech friend took a construction job to save money for plane tickets to visit his russian girlfriend he met during his exchange year - i made him break up with his girlfriend for her 

one time (last summer) i had a crush on a guy and i found a picture of him kissing a girl and i set it as my desktop background - mood board/inspiration board
one time my friend patrick sang the fall's totally wired in front of 7-11 and i fell for him but then he avoided me for six months and went back to america
riding while listening to monsterpussy - nov 16th 2k15

on christmas last year i was hijacking someone's facecall and then we realized that all three went on exactly one date with the same guy

lead of o, fantasma returned to his hometown to help his widowed mum with farming - magical
did u know the cute guy from mcfly named his son buzz michaelangelo?
on may 5th i acknowledged that crying and sweating in bed as personal favorites
according to my facebook in that time span i also signed up as a cam model for xhamster but they said the pic i sent them of my id was not clear enough
oh, my god
"yesterday i woke up and laundry and washing up were magically done then i puked on the bus" - clearly forgot the pros of the situation
one time a writer i like related to me when i wrote to him about puking in my mouth on the bus

my friend brian drew this - it's my russian politics professor enveloped by mucus
one time me and caesar went to a goth/industrial party and went on stage to dance with the goth girls but they all left
one time my friend's foreign buddy's friend showed me a lot of pictures of her body in front of a bar and i dont know how to feel about that
in my exchange year one professor always wore extremely tight bottoms and i still dont know how to feel about it
one time i shit-talked my sister on her own facebook group and then i saved it by posting lordi's hard rock hallelujah
on may 15th at 1am i wrote about being a sister wife and i have no idea what i was talking about
linked it blocked my account once
one time i posted on gaiaonline about getting a yeast infection after my boyfriend ate me out and someone said that impossible unless he had eaten icecream and then went down on me straight away and thats exactly what happened
i should buy a print
sam pink liked my ask
i have a project presentation tomorrow and a paper due on the 5th and my dissertation (of which im 10 pages in and very confused about) due by mid-june and a pimple on my chin and things are not looking great
ive been listening to this one ariana grande song on repeat
i remember italia wasteland saying one chapter of his dissertation is better than anything his ex will ever write in his life - do i have to break up with my fiance to achieve scholastic success?

images of nicholas cage covered in black paint from zandalee

images from fassbinder's despair
imagined if boys spoke to each other like r kelly and usher did in that one song
in middle school i used to look at pictures from the ny party scene on drivenbyboredom and one picture, from the TRASH! party was tagged glam in yo mouth - dj jess was in it